Kinemaster Mod Apk (v4.14.4) Updated 2020 [No Watermark]

Kinemaster Mod Apk
NameKinemaster Mod Apk
Size76 MB
Modded Version(v4.14.4) Latest Version
Mod FeaturesNo Watermark + Fully Unlocked
Offered ByKinemaster Corporation
Updated OnSeptember 01, 2020
Installation GuideRead Here

Kinemaster Mod Apk is a fully packed and fully unlocked premium video editing app for Android. The app will rid you of annoying watermarks and will enable you to use all the diamond features. Besides, you will be able to enjoy much more.

The Kinemaster Premium apk is a very powerful video editor. Nevertheless, as compared to other video editors, the Kinemaster Pro is versatile and presents diverse options for professional video editing. Moreover, it is greatly beneficial to have a premium video editor in your pocket.

This app is brilliant for artists and content makers. The app will allow you to cut, modify, customize, edit, and apply catchy effects. Which are more or less not available or locked in other video editing apps. The Mod has different variants too. Which have slightly similar features but adds a charm.

The golden features that the Mod offers are ad-free experience, no watermarks, access to premium editing content. The Kinemaster Mod APK 2020 also enables the user to enjoy from minimum to maximum resolution videos. As a result, you would not need to compromise on the quality of videos.

The Mod offers quality features, for instance, multiple video layers, voiceovers, special effects, chrome-key, blending modes, speed control, subtitles, transitions, clip graphics, color filters, Rotate & mirroring, cut, Trim, and a lot for you to enjoy.

Why Kinemaster Mod APK?

You can’t enjoy the Kinemaster video editor’s premium features on the free version. You will need to pay for those functions. Hence, your solution is Kinemaster Mod Apk, which will allow you to enjoy all those diamond features for free. Videos will not have printed watermark and you will have access to numerous other features.

Kinemaster Mod APK is completely “Full-Unlocked” video editing android software. Probably, one of the best available for video editing. Plenty for you to enjoy, for example, multi-track audio, volume envelope control, chroma key, multi-layer images, and videos. All this Kinemaster mod apk without watermark.

Kinemaster is originally developed by NexStreaming Corp. The free version will not allow you to use these awesome options and features. However, the Kinemaster Mod APK will enable you to rejoice a lot more. For instance, voiceover, special effects, blending modes, speed controls, unique filters, efficient trim, cutting, and epic clip graphics.

This Kinemaster video editing tool is used for many platforms. Name it, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Dailymotion. This tool will allow you to design your videos creatively and professionally wherever you
are! If this is not enough, don’t worry, the app has a lot more to offer which we will discuss below. Hang tight and download Kinemaster Mod APK for free.

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Features Of Kinemaster Mod Apk

The main features will allow you to enjoy all the locked options and premium features. However, which you can not access any other free version.

  • No Ads: One of the major features you will enjoy is, a smooth performance without adds
  • Features Unlocked: All locked features will be unlocked in the mod.
  • 4K video editing: You will be able to export 4K videos and also edit them as per your desire.
  • Supports All Media: Unlike the free version, this mod will support every type of media and you will be
    able to edit that media.
  • Multi-Layer: Enjoy multi-layer images, videos, stickers, and text handwriting on your videos.
  • Prompt Preview: Preview your videos anytime and instantly, save your time.
  • Trimming and Cutting: You can also benefit from frame to frame cutting, special splicing and slicing for
    detailed editing
  • Brightness & Saturation: Control the brightness and colors of your video as much as you want in the
  • Beautiful Transition effects: Enhance the overall beauty of your movie projects with the captivating transition effects
  • Control the volume with Volume envelope control: Easily adjust the volume of your clips and projects depending on your requirements and necessity.
  • Adjust the speed of your videos with Speed controls: Maintain the speed of your video with user-friendly speed controls.
  • Control brightness: Decide the brightness of your videos with a convenient brightness control panel.
  • Control hue and saturation: Moreover, boost the colors of your videos and their overall vividness with this awesome feature.
  • Quick preview without any wait or delay: Rapid preview means that you won’t have to wait unnecessarily, this feature is a time saver.
  • Supported for every version: All versions can be used making this app immensely versatile.
  • Kinemaster mod APK No WaterMark download: No more annoying watermarks, you will be free to enjoy and edit with your mark.

A lot more for you to explore inside the app. Hold on as we move further and discuss every tiny

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Functions In Kinemaster Mod Apk

There will be a load of functions to utilize in the app. We have discussed each one of them for your convenience. All those options will enhance your overall experience and assist you to make professional premium videos.

Multiple Aspect Ratio Options:

The Size of the video matters the most and the good thing is this not an issue if you have Kinemaster Pro. Select and make unique videos of different sizes for multiple platforms. 16:9 ratio for landscape, YouTube ,and Facebook videos. In addition, 9:16 for your stories on Tiktok, WhatsApp, and Facebook or Instagram.

  • 1:1 For square sized videos.
Select The Aspect


  • Features Items: You will be suggested with awesome featured content from numerous categories of the Kinemaster asset store. This will double the fun.
  • Kinemaster Asset Store: With access to the Kinemaster asset store, you can enjoy the best of stuff. Premium stickers, images and effects. Plus, carefully designed overlays, fonts, emojis and au,dio tracks.
Kinemaster Asset Store


  • Smooth Transitions: Furthermore, you can apply smooth transitions between two clips on your main timeline. However, this feature may work only with devices that feature video layer support.
  • Special Effects: Design elegant and stylish videos with these effects. You can apply to sequences on your timeline easily with the friendly interface.
  • Animated Overlays: Decorate your videos with attractive overlays and stickers. Nonetheless, stickers can be placed in layers. Whereas the overlays are animated which is the cool part.
Kinemaster Animated Overlay


  • Stylish Fonts: Creative and impressive fonts add a special charm to your videos. The Kinemaster Pro Mod will allow you to utilize as many as you want. Further, the fonts can be applied based on the language, for instance, German, French or English. Besides, San-Serif, Serif and other handwriting groups.
  • Suitable Audio Tracks: Without background music, videos look pale. Therefore, with this pro-app you can add music which multiplies the beauty of your videos. Calm, exciting, action, or sad. You will have tons to choose from.
Kinemaster Audio Tracks


  • Well-Designed Stickers and Emojis: Pretty emojis will express your moods and feelings on your videos. Following, the stickers will add an attraction to your content.
  • Voice Recording: Use your voice to narrate your videos. The Kinemaster pro APK with it’s user friendly interface will easily enable you to perform that task. Do voiceovers and then customize your voice with numerous options. Select the sound effects with hiphop , bass booster or jazz. Moreover, alter your voice into a woman’s voice or chipmunk or another voice with the “change voice option”. All together this makes voice recording fun.
Kinemaster Voice Recording


  • Enjoy Multi-Track Audio with Kinemaster Mod APK: Enjoy multi-track audio and video editing with the pro app on Andriod and IOS all together. Add catchy titles, logos, writings, and captions as per your desire. Nevertheless, you can add and play 8 tracks at a time.
  • Smooth Animations: Add smooth animations in your videos. It’s easy, just follow these steps. Tap the sticker or any object which can be animated. Open the animation menu. Tap and select points for motion and then you can enjoy the animation in the video playback.
  • Steady Transition Effects: You can witness a transition effect when you move from one clip to the other clip. The transition effect is found in between the two clips. Furthermore, in the Kinemaster Pro Apk you will have access to many smooth and beautiful transition effects for your videos.  For instance, wipe in, wipe out, fade, dissolve and much more. You can easily change the transition effects between clips by tapping between those clips. Afterwards, you can select a transition effect and apply it through the transition effects settings on the right.
  • Key Screen Colors: Select your desired colors and apply them on the screen from provided presets or from your own library. For example, the Detail Curve, Show Mask, Background Cutoff, Foreground Cutoff.

Enabled Chroma Key Feature

One of the best features of this app is indeed the Chroma Key Feature. That enables you to change the background color or you can select specific media layers and turn it transparent based on the content. Moreover, you can make film-industry level videos with this premium feature.

Besides, Green Screen effects will allow you to shuffle backgrounds and turn the ordinary into extraordinary! Plus, with the “ENABLE” toggle you can switch the chroma effect on or off. Done with the functions that you can enjoy. Now let’s head next and explain the types of this brilliant app which are available for you.

Different Variants of Kinemaster Mod Apk

There are total Five major sorts of Kinemaster Pro that we came across. We hope you will enjoy them and also learn the difference between these professional apps.

  • Kinemaster Chroma Key Lite: As the name suggests, the core of this version is the Chroma Key feature. This is more of an add-on that can work more efficiently with the Kinemaster Pro app. However, the Chroma key feature allows you to utilize a green screen through which you can add numerous VFXs and special effects. Good news? We have added this into the KM mod apk, so you could enjoy this feature without barriers.
  • KineMaster V8 Mode APK: One of the most updated and advanced modes available for the video editor. Nonetheless, this app has too much to utilize. Mod 8 hosts all the features including chroma key, multi-layer sound envelope, clipart, trims and cuts. The best thing about the Mod is that you can have all these traits for free. You can get a kick out of premium experience without watermark.
  • KineMaster Prime APK: This version of the app is like a side-kick to the original Kinemaster apk. You will need to download both to enjoy the full features. However, it promotes all the features. You will not be disappointed but keep in mind that the original also enables you to do what this one does.
  • Full-Unlocked Kinemaster Lite: If you have a phone that can not process and withstand heavy usage. Then this app is a jackpot for you. The Kinemaster lite version allows you to enjoy your favorite features. Plus, you won’t need to worry about low-RAM issues or sluggish processings. The Kinemaster Lite Full-unlocked mod is the bounty you would love to collect.

Fixing Common Errors

You can fix these common errors by following these steps. Need not to worry these steps work for almost everyone. We hope they will work for you as well.

App Not Able To Detect Media:

If you experience the app not detecting media on your device storage? Don’t panic. Sometimes due to
slow processor, the app takes time to search for media. You will get your content and videos after a little
while. Furthermore, if it still doesn’t show up. Try rebooting the phone.

Fixing the “Codic Init Error”

Follow these steps one by one. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved. However, this error often occurs due to resolution malfunction or processing issues.

  • Reboot the device.
  • Open KM
  • Tap on the Settings option. (Gear Shaped)
  • Here open Device Capability Information.
  • Tap the menu indicated by 3 dots (…) in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose Hardware Performance Analysis to run the analysis (This may take up to 5 Minutes)
  • Then reboot the device again.

Issues of Exporting on Andriod Devices.

This issue is widely common and occurs sometimes. Yet, there are a couple of ways to fix this problem.

  • Tip 1: Try updating your app to the latest mod version.
  • Tip 2: Screen recorders often interrupt the export process. Avoid using the screen recorder while exporting any content to prevent Kinemaster from malfunctioning.
  • Tip 3: Kinemaster requires hardware encoding, often if that factor is lacking. The app doesn’t work

How To Download Kinemaster Mod Apk?

You can easily download and install the app by following these simple steps. Follow one by one.

  • Step 1: Firstly, tap on the Download apk button and download Kine master Mod Apk
  • Step 2: Secondly, head to the settings of your android device.
  • Step 3: Thirdly, search “security” in the settings.
  • Step 4: In the security settings, you will find the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Step 5: Turn on allow from unknown sources.
  • Step 6: Open the downloaded Kinemaster Mod Apk.
  • Step 7: Install the APK.
  • Step 8: Enjoy your Kinemaster Pro App!
How To Download & Install Kinemaster Mod Apk?

Frequently Asked Questions?

 Is it secure to use Kinemaster mod apk? 

Of course, it’s safe. Hundreds of users download and enjoy the APK. The app is checked and reviewed before making it available online. However, for your satisfaction, you can always keep an anti-virus. Otherwise, there is no need.

 Will the watermark be removed? 

That’s the specialty of this mod. You will no longer be bothered by watermark and ads. Enjoy uninterrupted editing.

 Can I use the mode on IOS? 

Yes, you can use the mode on IOs only with a Cydia Emulator. You cannot install APK on IOs directly.

 Is the Kinemaster Mod APK free? 

The Kinemaster mod apk is a fully unlocked premium video editing application. The Mod apk is fully-unlocked and completely free. You can enjoy all the premium features and benefits.

 Is Kinemaster pro mod apk worth it? 

The Kinemaster pro apk is an amazingly well-equipped video editing tool. Perhaps, it’s one of the best available video editor app. It has many features that will enable you to edit, modify, and craft professional videos.

 Are there any video editors better than Kinemaster? 

There are many video editing tools available but most users prefer Kinemaster pro because of its smooth, powerful, and productive nature. Kinemaster is the most recommended app for video editing.

 Is Kinemaster Available on iPhone? 

The Kinemaster App is available on the iPhone store. However, that app may have features locked and you won’t be able to enjoy for free.AP

Let’s Sum Up!

Download and enjoy your favorite video editing app Kinemaster Mod Apk with the provided download links. One tap-easy download without any inconvenience. You will have access to premium and diamond features of the app for absolutely zero cost. Full-unlocked with amazing features like chroma key, multi-layer editing, and prompt review.

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