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what is Tag after school Apk

Tag after school Apk a scary game for those people who want to enjoy a mix of fun and ghostly feelings. In the game, you will help an afraid kid, Shota-con, who is suffering a night in a scary school.

Tag after school apk you can research la dreadful, haunted school, you have look for important items while avoiding the ghosts and hardship.

Tag after school apk game is filled with exciting and chilling occasion as you want to stay safe and find a ways to leave.Then he will end up in a scary school.


Addictive Gameplay:

The game has an addictive gameplay that will keep you busy for hours.You can play the game for hours without getting bored.

You can experience terror and horror with exciting visuals.

Interesting Storyline:

The game plays an immersive story of a shy schoolboy, Shota-Kun. And the game is about how he accepts a challenge, faces his fears, and overcomes them.

He spends a night in a haunted school, and you must help him avoid problems and find a way to exit.

Multiple Endings:

This game is story-driving , where players will freely ask to make thier choices at different points of the game. Their choices will select at the end of the story. So, the game consist of multiple ending and decide to make in the game.

Many Obstacles:

You must be careful for many obstacles and enemies that are awaiting for you. it will help to avoid unwanted problems and stay in the game.

Simple Controls:

The game has simple controls which makes the game easy for all everyone to play. You can play it with your fingers, and no multiple system is involved.

Riddles and Clues:

The game involves brain twister and puzzles, so pay your attention to find the clues to progress.

The journey of haunted school:

It consist of different rooms, firstly you have to find valuable items like torches and batteries.

Similar games:

Similar games include Lost Life Apk, Five Nights at Candy’s, and Friday the 13th.


How to Install Tag After School APK ?

Arrange your device to install the game first. Enable the Unknown Sources installation from the Security Settings of your device.

Tips are included search all areas, using your surroundings strategically, guide your health bar, and saving progress regularly.

Download Tag After School APK on your Android

firstly find the APK file in your Files guide App, and tap on it to install the game completely.

After installation:

The game will take a few seconds to install and then you can Open the game and play it.

How to download Tag After School?

The game is unavailable on the PlayStore, you can download the game from any third-party website.

Is Tag After School safe?

Yes, the game is safe to play. Although, you must think twice, as it can sometimes be worring and exciting at the same time.

Is Tag After School for Android?

yes , you can easily play this game on all Android versions 9.6 running on and or later Android versions.


Play the Tag After School game on Android—it’s mind-bending! in the game you have step into the shoes of Shota-Kun, a young boy facing fear.but he accepts a challenge to spend a night in a haunted school. Your task is to help him to escape and find the way of exit to move out, avoid ghosts, and find useful and helpful item. like cells, torches, and things that will guide you. Download the game for an exciting and scary experience!

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